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Do you accept submissions from Retail Agents?

Sorry, we do not at this time.  We are Wholesale-dedicated and work with licensed and duly appointed Surplus Lines Wholesale Brokers exclusively.

Do I have to be appointed to send in submissions?

No, we can release a VRI (Very Rough Indication).  However, you must be appointed in order to bind coverage.


How do I get appointed ?


Please CONTACT US to obtain your Getting Appointed  Packet.

The appointment process is fast and easy. You can also

​E-mail us:   or Call us:  (818)254-9474

Where do I send my submissions?

Our Submissions dedicated address is:

Do you accept applications other than your own

Certainly, as long as all the underwriting information needed to rate the risk is there.

Do you have Producer Minimum Quotas?

We do not.  However, we are looking at establishing a long lasting business relationship with our appointed producers.

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